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10U Division - Supplemental Rules (All Other ASA Rules Will Apply)

1. Spring / Summer / Fall seasons, games are Seventy (70) minutes finish the inning.

2. Players will pitch from 35 feet; base distance set at 60 feet, an 11 inch ball will be used.

3. Teams may play 10 players defensively and will bat their entire line-up. Free defensive substitution.

4. Five (5) runs per half inning. If a team is ahead by fifteen runs after three innings, game is over. Tied games are allowed as per league rules.

5. Only one base can be obtained on the first overthrow of ANY BASE of a live ball. A “delayed dead ball” will result and umpires will return players to the appropriate base.

6. No infield-fly rule.

7. Bunting is allowed.

8. All defensive coaches and offense coaches not working base lines boxes will remain in the dugout during play.

9. Pitcher will only get 5 pitches per ½ inning to warmup. Infield warmup will be limited to these pitches. This will help with keeping the game moving and preserve time.

10. Keep catchers in their gear when possible to also help with keeping the game moving. If the catcher is dressing after an at bat or being on base, a coach must be prepared to take 4 pitches and the catcher the 5th for the throw down.

11. Per Coaches Decision at the Spring General Meeting on 3/8/17: The division has gone player pitch only for the whole season and adopts 12U rules with the following exceptions:

A. 11 inch ball will be used

B. Pitching distance is 35'

C. Only one stolen base per pitch except for home (See Rule #13 for details)

D. Dropped 3rd strike rule is NOT in effect. No running/stealing on dropped third strike.

12. Pitchers may only pitch two innings of the first four and only 2 consecutive innings at any time if returning in possible fifth or more innings.  


Runners on 3rd base when the play begins: The runner may advance home only on a batted ball, a forced bases loaded walk, bases awarded due to defensive infractions such as illegal pitch and catcher’s obstruction, or other rules violations.

• Runners may not advance to or be awarded home on a non-batted ball play (wild pitch, or passed ball), even if the ball goes out of play, with the exception of bases awarded due to defensive infractions.

• Runners may only lead off third base after a pitch has been released as stated in ASA rules. If a defensive player attempts to make a play on the runner at third base between pitches, it becomes a live ball as stated in ASA rules and the runner may attempt to steal home.

• Runners on 3rd base CAN advance home on a overthrow of ANY BASE of a live ball thrown by a defensive player not hit by batter-runner.

14. SCOREKEEPING: It is the responsibility of the home team to keep the official book for games and needs to be available to the umpires if a question arises. Recommend visiting team keep score as well if they wish, just in case. Home team is also responsible for posting game results using the score reporting tab on the homepage of the website within 24 hours of games completion.

15. BASES STOWED AWAY RESPONSIBILITY: The manager / coach of the home team for the final game of the day is responsible for returning the bases to their designated storage area ONLY at Oran Good fields. If the bases are stolen as a result of this negligence, the responsible manager / coach shall reimburse the league for replacement bases. If bases are unfortunately found left out, the home team manager / coach will be fined $50 for their negligence.


• No jewelry will be allowed while participating in league games.

• Players on offense must wear approved helmets with face masks and optional chin straps.

• The home team shall occupy the third base dugout. An official team lineup sheet must be given to the scorekeeper and umpires by each team prior to game time.

• All players in attendance on each team must be in the batting order the entire game. Each team must play all of their players at least one inning defensively in each game.

• Only registered managers, coaches, assist. coaches, team parents and players are allowed in the dugout and playing area. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or inappropriate language is allowed in these areas as well as the rest of the park.

• Each team must be at the field ready to play 15 minutes prior to official game time. Possible Inclement weather is no exception, unless the league passes on notification from cities prior to their 3:30pm deadline of field conditions being unplayable. After that, it’s the leagues discretion to determine playing conditions and teams must be prepared to play until told otherwise.

• If a team cannot field eight players by official game time, the game is a forfeit. A team member, who arrives after official game time, can/must be added to the bottom of the lineup. The umpire and opposing manager / coach must be notified of the addition.

• If a player is injured and cannot continue, her name shall be stricken from the lineup with no automatic penalty for what would have been future turns at bat. If an offensive player (base runner) is removed from the game, the substitute runner will be recorded as an automatic out if her turn at bat occurs while she is still a base runner. If a batter becomes injured or is otherwise unable to complete a turn at bat the next batter in the lineup shall take the injured batters turn at bat, assuming the existing ball and strike count. The replacement batter does not bat twice.

• If a game is called for any reason, three full innings (2 1/2, if home team is ahead) will be considered a complete game. If a complete game is not played, the game will be rescheduled and played as a new game in its entirety.

• Games which are tied after time has expired will be recorded as a half win / half loss for each team (a Tie).

• An appeal of a play must be prior to the next pitch or before the defensive team leaves the field.

• If a protest is to be made, do so prior to the next pitch, except for player eligibility. If not done so before the next pitch a protest cannot be made. A protest cannot be made solely regarding umpire judgment. Protests cost $25, to be paid to the home plate umpire at the time of the protest.

• If game time has expired and the home team cannot win or tie, the home plate umpire may end the game at that time. If home team is up to bat and time expires and they are ahead the home plate umpire will end the game at that time.

• After league play is completed, standings for trophy positions (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) if possible ties occur will be resolved by: 1st) Win-Loss Record  2nd) Head to Head Competition  3rd) Runs Allowed  4th) Runs Scored  5th) a Coin Flip. The coin flip will be scheduled at the earliest possible time with those teams involved by that Divisions VP and the Leagues President.

16. GIRLS LOVE TO CHEER: Even though this is an exciting game, please keep cheers positive. Please refrain from heckling the other team. No taunting will be tolerated, including parents. Coaches are responsible for their parents being positive to the opposing team. If umpires have problem fans, they will give warning to that team’s manager / coach. Any continuing problems, the manager / coach and fans will be ejected and escorted from the park. This process will continue till either the problem is resolved or there is no more coaching staff to proceed with the game, for which the game becomes a forfeit.

________________________________________________________________________________________________FOR LEAGUE TOURNAMENT PUROSES ONLY FOR - 10U DIVISION

Rules - All of CFBGSL supplemental rules we have been using for the season will apply as expected and all ASA (Amateur Softball Association) rules as well. Home and visitors will be determined by coin flip at the coaches and umpires conference prior to each game. The Championship game will be the only exception. The team that has moved on into the championship from the winner’s side of the bracket is granted home field advantage. Also, there is No If Game once in the Championship Game.


ITB (International Tie Breaker) Rules - For tournament purposes only, upon the conclusion of a game (time expires) and the score is still tied we will implement the ITB rules. Here is how it works. Per ASA rules (5-11-A), in simple terms it states, the ITB inning will start with the scheduled batter/s to be up with no count on the player and the last batted out from the prior inning placed on second base. If after 2 innings of ITB there is still a tie we will go to a Modified ITB....the scheduled batter/s to be up will have a count of 1 strike and 2 balls to the player and the last batted out from the prior inning placed on third base...and we will proceed with the modified ITB until we receive a winner. The ITB is used to expedite a game in a quick manner so not to hold up the time schedule of a tournament.